Euskalduna Conference Centre, venue of LIBRECON powered by CEBIT

The latest trends in the open technologies sector, the best professionals in areas such as Internet of Things (IoT), Intelligent Machines, Future Mobility, Digital Transformation or Cybersecurity, the stands of companies and institutions that design the Society 5.0, the most avant-garde speakers… all have a place in LIBRECON powered by CEBIT and in the more than 2,200 square metres of the reference event in open source in the Euskalduna Conference Centre.

LIBRECON powered by CEBIT has chosen the Euskalduna Conference Centre as the venue on 21 and 22 November, the main conference centre in Euskadi, awarded the Apex Award as «Best Convention Centre in the World 2003», among many other awards.

Located in the centre of Bilbao and with an excellent network of communications, it offers an ideal location for an international event like LIBRECON powered by CEBIT.

In addition to the location, the contemporary architecture of the building and avant-garde equipment of its adaptable multidisciplinary rooms provide the synergies required by the event itself, which is at the forefront of open source technologies.