GAIA, new strategic partner of LIBRECON powered by CEBIT

The reference open technologies event in the South of Europe, LIBRECON powered by CEBIT, continues to add the support of key institutions that are committed to the development and application of Open Source as a way of growing strategic pillars of the economy.

GAIA, the Association of Electronic Technology and Information Industries of the Basque Country has recently confirmed its participation as Strategic Partner of LIBRECON powered by CEBIT, swelling the list of entities that have shown their support for the event, including Bizkaia Provincial Council, Bilbao  City Council or the Basque Government, through the SPRI Group.

GAIA is a private and professional non-profit entity created in 1983, which is currently made up of more than 240 companies that offer products and services in the electronic, computing and telecommunications fields.

GAIA’s mission, in its own words, is to «boost the development and growth of the Electronic Computing and Telecommunications sector and to encourage the assimilation and efficient use of the sector’s technologies, with the aim of collaborating in the development of the Information and Knowledge Society «.

A philosophy shared by LIBRECON powered by CEBIT that has resulted in the agreement recently signed for the dissemination of the event.