The NTA & Cybersecurity Open Platform: Real-time Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) and Active Cybersecurity platform based on Big Data and Open Source

09:00 h.

Tech Space

30 min.

Redborder is an open source solution for traffic visibility, Big Data analytics, and dynamic cybersecurity. It enables the creation of customizable dashboards and reports for networks and Managed Service Providers.

Nowadays, there are increasingly more threats and more sophisticated attacks against IT infrastructures of any type. Traditional solutions do not scale to the needs and are not affordable enough for massive deployments.

Redborder unifies the different data sources provided by sensors and probes. Redborder combines Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) and cybersecurity to analyze usage and manage security policies. Its operational intelligence provides multiple metrics to monetize ICT network operations in a single platform that can scale up to millions of flows, logs, events, and users.

Competitive Advantages

  • Open core business model
  • Scale up from one to thousands of servers’ datacentres
  • Real time NTA and cybersecurity
  • On premise or cloud service
  • Anomaly detection and prevention
  • Activation of security policies (e.g. block traffic using a redborder probe)
  • Possible data enrichment for geoblocking, reputation, trends
  • Cristina de la Maza
    Cristina de la Maza