Towards the development of real time services for an optimized multimodal mobility supported by cooperative networks and open data – A demo of TIMON project

12:00 h.

Tech Space

30 min.

TIMON project ( is an H2020 project that aims at providing Real-Time (RT) information and services through a cooperative open web-based platform and a mobile application to different transport users – drivers, Vulnerable Road Users (VRU), and businesses.

The system collects and stores RT data from infrastructure, cars, VRUs and open data; it processes the information using several innovative technologies, such as open data management, hybrid vehicle communications, artificial intelligence and cooperative positioning; and delivers RT services to drivers, VRUs and business particularly information on nearby accidents, traffic jams or air pollution, a multi-modal commuter and dynamic route planner.

  • Hugo Landaluce
    Hugo Landaluce